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Personal Illustration

Turn your photo into a modern hand-digital-illustrated portrait! Simply pick your Style of Illustration, colors, print size, finishing and tell us important details. We will contact you about the Price and take care of the rest.
It is the perfect addition to your home, or a perfect gift for someone special. A one-of-a-kind piece of art, digitally illustrated by hand using a photo.

All prints are Made in Switzerland and printed on premium paper. Ensuring all of our customers receive the perfect portrait print/ digital piece!


The colour of the print might be slightly different from what you see on your screen.

Before starting a process we require a high payment of 40% of the calculated price.
Each price depends on your requirements. Anyway the price for the illustration starts at 50CHF.
(example: the price of 50CHF is for illustrating one - three people in a simple style and the result is sent digitally as a PDF file.)

We can send you PDF online Pictue or Print. It is on you. We will send you a PDF document immediately after approving the illustration and receiving the required 40% deposit to our account. OR after approval, we will print the printed form of the image and send it to you within one week.

!! The image you send must be of a high enough quality to be read !!

Examples of styles

Paper (optional)

The Frame (optional)

​Illustrations order Form
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