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Nuss Deo Luxury Edition

Label design, Packing design, Mockup, Poster

Nuss Deo Luxury edition are creamy nut desserts.

We created SUGARFREE desserts, but without a single grain of added sugar, no palm oil, and no chemical additives.

Nuss Deo desserts are free of salt, stabilizers, E numbers, flavor enhancers, and gluten.

They are a quick source of quality energy from nature.


Vanilla : Vanilla and its scent alone is irresistible.

Vanilla was once considered an aphrodisiac, and was so rare that it was reserved only for kings.

Its scent and colour combined with the finest macadamia nuts, cashews and sweet dates creates a truly ROYAL TASTE

Chocolate :

Just saying the word chocolate makes our mouths water. The combination of the finest chocolate from Switzerland (the chocolate superpower) , pecans and macadamia nuts and aromatic vanilla, creates a sensual delight.

Coffee :

Who doesn't love coffee. Its aroma is intoxicating. The scent of coffee alone carries a lot of emotions.

100% Arabica coffee , pecans combined with fantastic cashews, underlined by the taste of sweet dates. And all this is underlined by irresistible vanilla.

This is our coffee dessert. Light and intoxicating.

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