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1. Before the requested delivery, the order must be placed in time (ideally 2 weeks before). Delivery typically takes between 5 and 20 days, depending on the product.

2. You are taking responsibilty of your own Idea of design, that no copyrights will be violated (for example, personal statements, motto, etc.). Possibly occurring complications are not our fault.

3. Once a Design has been received, the information must be verified and approved as accurate. Once approved, refund requests and complaints won't be accepted.

4. You may not resell any graphics you purchase from us (which are the property of VERO DESIGN). Products and graphics are only for personal use. Contrarily, you may freely use "MY OWN DESIGN" graphics.


1. Before the drafting process begins or upon ordering the finished design, 50% of each order must be paid, before finishing.

2. After receiving the merchandise and an invoice within 30 days, you pay the remaining 50%. In the event of non-fulfillment, the amount due after the deadline is increased by 15% of the amount initially owed and grows monthly.

3. Payment for the remaining sum is required to be sent to the invoice number, which is a component of the order.

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